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Our standard solution works as a plug and play solution for those who want to use esignatur here and now and without the need for integration or additional specific quality requirements.


Integration is our solution designed for companies with a high volume of documents for signing who want to streamline and automate workflows by using digital signature.

System partner

If your company offers a system or program, esignatur gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being a system partner.

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Selected industries and departments that optimize their workflows with esignatur


To a greater or lesser extent, most lawyers have documents that need to be signed by various parties – from clients to partners and board members. While the documents may include everything from proxies to wills. The workflows involved may demand a high level of security, a specific signing sequence or just the need to be easy and simple. esignatur ensures that all needs are met with a simple but still flexible solution. So whether your needs are large or small, esignatur has a solution for you.

Property management

Property management has multiple manual processes that are carried out daily. Such as the management of owners, future tenants / residents, owners’ associations, public authorities, suppliers, etc. This is followed by the signing of transfer documents, approval of board meeting minutes and rental contracts. In the midst of all this, workflows can quickly become convoluted and resource-intensive. At esignatur, we have a solution for every need, which optimizes the above processes, so you can stay focused on your business and customers.

Real estate agents

esignatur is strongly represented in the real estate industry via the integration we have with C&B Systems, among others. The tasks that are resolved are many and various, where sales listings, especially, with one or more buyers and sellers on each page and a specific signing sequence and automated reminders, have really ensured easier and faster workflows for those real estate agents who have chosen to work with esignatur.

Finance and leasing

esignatur is widely used today within the financial world and by leasing companies. Not just for signatures, but equally widely in the areas of onboarding, KYC compliance and for secure sending. We ensure that daily workflows are automated, easy and secure, whether this is via integration to already established systems or esignatur’s plug-and-play solution.


HR departments are currently undergoing a radical digital transformation, partly to meet the demands of GDPR, but just as much to ensure streamlined processes in a rapidly changing world. Companies today need to be in control of their onboarding and data handling, where fulfilling the demands for both speed and security can represent a difficult balancing act. At esignatur, we ensure that hundreds of organizations’ workflows are conducted securely, easily and quickly. For example, when sending an employment contract to be signed, you can also obtain information such as   ICE (in case of  emergencyy), criminal record and salary information in one and the same process.


The auditing sector is an industry with a comprehensive need for signatures. Which is why auditing firms today, large and small, make extensive use of a digital signing solution like esignatur.

esignatur’s solution comes with a dedicated ‘audit module’, which automatically ensures that the right roles are added to the right documents and in the correct sequence. All you have to do is attach your documents and designate the signer(s).

In addition to esignatur’s signing tool, you can also obtain relevant identification via our “CPR Checking” for anti-money laundering legislation compliance, and send or receive files of various kinds through a secure line via “Secure ePost”.

esignatur has helped companies in our industry to streamline the signing process in order to provide a better service. And in the long run, I would be surprised if this doesn’t lead to a higher conversion rate.

David Lysgaard

Marketing Manager, C&B Systems

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