Add extra functionality to your solution

We offer extra IT and security features that have been tailored to specific needs
within HR, Auditing, Property Administration, Banking, Law etc.

These functions all offer unlimited access
to a digital function that will optimize your workflows

Fast, easy & secure.

Add-on products

CPR checking (Danish Central Persons Register)

For many companies and branches, the identification of customers and partners is a key part of their workflow to ensure compliance with both the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act & the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your customers or partners can identify themselves simply by using NemID, thus replacing the need for a passport, driving license or other approved documentation. Regardless of time or location.

Obtain identification quickly & easily
Comply with the requirements of anti-money laundering legislation & the GDPR
Validate using NemID.

Secure ePost

Secure ePost has been developed to comply with the changes introduced in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and at the same time make it possible to distribute encrypted files in all forms.

When you use Secure ePost, it is done via a secure program from esignatur, which ensures that your company is always on the safe side when exchanging personally sensitive and confidential information.

esignatur’s encrypted sending also makes it possible to lock the sent document with either an eID or an SMS code so that only the intended recipient can open the file.

Secure distribution of personally sensitive and confidential data
Lock sent documents with eID
Distribute encrypted files

Bulk sending

The bulk send function covers all needs that require high-volume emailing of documents. Your company has the possibility to obtain everything from updated consents from customers and sending any required supplements to an employee’s terms of employment.

Companies subject to the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act can use Bulk sending in combination with our CPR checking function for identity confirmation or simply to conduct regular updates of customer data.

Perform bulk sending
Combine with the CPR checking function
Validate using NemID.

Secure Upload

Due to customer demand, at esignatur we have developed a function that enables companies to request Secure Upload links. One or more of these links can be placed on your website or shared directly with your regular business partners. Upload your files under secure, GDPR compliant conditions.

Secure Upload allows your customers, employees and partners to send data encrypted to you. You can include a link in your email signature and the link can also be placed on your website.

Embed links wherever needed
Upload files via Secure connection
Allow the customer to initiate the process

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