Using esignatur has increased our conversion rate and streamlined our internal processes. But above all, we now provide a better and more modern service for our customers. 

Frederik Friche

Marketing- og udviklingsansvarlig, NEMADVOKAT

NEMADVOKAT collects signatures digitally

NEMADVOKAT has become even easier with esignatur

NEMADVOKAT® is a digital law firm that for a number of years has specialized in providing legal advice, primarily via digital media, to all Danes.

Their vision is to fulfil exactly the same needs that a typical customer would normally have resolved by a traditional law firm – just digitally and thus faster, easier and cheaper.

The challenge: many documents = many signatures

As with other law firms, NEMADVOKAT needs client signatures on many different documents every time a transaction, agreement or contract needs to be completed.

Until now, the lawyers formalized the documents and sent them to clients via email, who then had to print and sign the agreement themselves, find a way to make the document “digital” and then have the document sent securely back to NEMADVOKAT.

Better conversion, time use and customer service

According to Frederik Friche, Marketing and Development Manager at NEMADVOKAT, esignatur has now made the process 100% digital, increased NEMADVOKAT’S conversion rate and reduced the processing time by several days.

“We can see that our conversion rate has improved. Now we can set up a company in 24 hours without being dependent on the client having access to a printer, scanner, etc. People don’t really need to do anything other than sign the document with their NemID.

Moreover, we spend much less time sending and resubmitting documents, but above all we have some very satisfied customers,” he says.

And esignatur has even made it easier for NEMADVOKAT’S clients to remember they have to sign and send the document by post. Clients automatically receive a friendly email reminding them that one or more documents are ready for signing.

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