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    Questions and answers

    What is a digital signature?

    A document with a digital signature that acts in place of a physical signature.

    Can I sign a digital document without NemID?

    esignatur enables you to sign digitally using Danish NemID, Swedish BankID or Norwegian BankID – If you don’t have any of the above, you can use our international solution – EasySign

    Is my signature legally binding / valid?

    Just as with a physical signature, a digital signature is legally binding and valid. The document can always be validated by an independent third party.

    I have received an error message, what do I do?

    Error messages may occur on your device due to several external factors. Try to switch browser/device to another PC, smartphone or tablet. If the error message occurs again, you can contact support at the following email

    Can I get a preview of the system?

    You can get a preview of our system by booking a free and non-binding meeting with our sales team. Click here

    What if my NemID is blocked or has expired?

    You can contact to unblock or renew your NemID

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