I can definitely recommend esignatur to others. We haven’t experienced implementation problems of any kind. A very competent company.

Peter Holm

Owner of, Bedre Begravelse

Bedre Begravelse became digital with esignatur

Bedre Begravelse is a nationwide digital undertaker with 24-hour service.

The company arranges more than 2000 funerals a year throughout Denmark and their most important task is to take care of the administrative matters associated with a funeral.

Peter Holm is co-owner of Bedre Begravelse and says that they chose esignatur because it was necessary to create absolute assurance around the signing of papers.

“You need to understand, what we do must be impeccable. We must have all the documents from the beginning, and preferably not forget anything or have to come back and ask for something more”.

esignatur impact on the bottom line

“We can see on the bottom line that esignatur has been effective because we have less administrative work and employees can work more efficiently. The system just does these things for them. We have cut somewhere between 15 to 20 minutes off each case”.

For Bedre Begravelse, the transition away from the old-fashioned postal system was painless. At esignatur, we knew that Bedre Begravelse had a desire to work fully digitally, so instead of getting things by email, documents are now processed and imported directly into their systems, which are connected directly to the CPR register, the Ministry of Church Affairs and other relevant parties.

Easy for employees and customers

Peter Holm says that esignatur makes signing documents easier, more manageable and simpler. “We might have up to 5-6 documents for the customer to sign and now they don’t have to sign on each document. Now they can sign it all with one click”.

“I can certainly recommend esignatur to others,” concludes Peter Holm.

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