I would definitely recommend esignatur. If you do not already use digital signing in your workflow, just get started. 

Jakob Ørtved

Landinspektør, Bjørn Christiansen Landinspektører

Land surveyors also collect digital signatures

Bjørn Christiansen Land Surveyors have gone digital

Jakob Ørtved is a land surveyor with Bjørn Christiansen Land Surveyors, which is a traditional land surveying company with both technical surveying tasks and cadastral cases such as the purchase and sale of land. 

Jakob Ørtved is in charge of the paperwork and says that the company started using digital signing to make it faster for customers to sign the necessary documents.

“We potentially send all documents to be signed, as well as appended documents, via esignatur – unless the customer asks for something else. We use it daily in the company”

esignatur helps save time

The time Jakob used to spend on printing, franking and posting letters has now been minimized. “There’s no need to follow-up. Customers themselves call when they get an automated reminder via esignatur”.

“I would definitely recommend esignatur,” says Jakob.

“If you do not already use digital signing in your workflow, just get started. The switch from manual to digital with esignatur was easy. We just have to send the files for signature with NemID” explains Jakob.

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