esignatur has helped companies in our industry streamline the signing process in order to provide a better service. And in the long run, I would be surprised if this doesn’t lead to a higher conversion rate.

David Lysgaard

Marketingchef, C&B Systemer

C&B Systems takes care of digital signing for real estate agents

C&B – real estate agents’ preferred professional system

C&B Systems is a professional system aimed at the real estate industry and today collaborates with 70 percent of all real estate agents in Denmark. esignatur is C&B’s partner in connection with being able to sign documents when buying and selling homes.

The challenge: Multiple signers/signing parties

Marketing Manager David Lysgaard from C&B Systems explains that the process of manual signing was too inefficient. “That is precisely why it’s important to utilize the professional system that real estate agents already use and know well. So if we could get an electronic signature solution integrated into our professional system, this would be a win-win-win situation for both real estate agents and their clients”.

In 2013, approximately 50,000 homes were sold in Denmark. Typically, many different document types need to be signed in addition to the purchase agreement itself. All these processes are now supported via esignatur’s solution.

A single button makes all the difference

C&B Systems explored the possibilities of digitizing their customers’ signing process and chose esignatur to tackle the challenge. esignatur is now integrated into the C&B system for the benefit of both estate agent and client.

For the estate agent, it simply means an extra button in their current program from which documents are sent for signature to the client. In this way a single button generates huge time savings, because there is no need to print, scan and send documents by post.

In addition, estate agents have a better overview of how far documents are in the signing process. Ultimately, this means a faster and better conversion rate for real estate agents.

It has also helped customers feel that the process has been easy and fast and that they have received good service – the customers also receive a reminder from esignatur that there are documents they need to sign.

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