At FSR – Danish auditors, we are convinced that the digitization of signatures will be the future for Danish auditors. In the future, our customers will no doubt experience a streamlining of their workflows when they can sign and send documents digitally. 

Rene Baltzer Matzen

IT consultant, FSR – Danish auditors

FSR – Danish auditors optimize with esignatur and digital signing

FSR – Danish auditors ensure quality and efficient flow for auditors

FSR – Danish auditors is the provider of the most widely used auditing and accounting program in Denmark – CaseWare. A unique system that, with its professional content, supporting processes and customer management, ensures efficiency and quality in auditors’ work.

The system is used by the majority of Danish auditing firms. Customers range from major ones such as EY and PwC, who customize the program to their needs, to smaller auditing companies that use a more standardized solution.

To optimize the process of signing annual reports, which are part of the auditors’ many tasks, FSR – Danish auditors have developed a CaseWare document that enables electronic signing in esignatur’s solution. 

The challenge: Huge amounts of signatures

There are approximately 600,000 companies registered in Denmark’s Central Business Register (CVR). The vast majority of them engage an auditor to assist in the preparation of their financial statements. Which means there are many financial statements that need to be signed each year.

In addition, there are the many introductory documents that are sent back and forth between the accountant, the company and possibly a lawyer. Up to now, all these documents and the finished report were signed with a handwritten signature.

This represents a major challenge and time-consuming process for the country’s auditors, who have to print, scan and send each report to 10 or more signers – an extremely laborious procedure.

IT consultant René Baltzer Matzen from FSR – Danish auditors explains that the documents, in addition to the fact that it takes a long time to obtain signatures, also often become unreadable from being printed, scanned and sent around so many times.

A single click of the mouse

FSR – Danish auditors wanted to support an industry-wide solution for auditors and were very positive about esignatur’s proposal to digitize and thereby streamline the signing process. Auditors can now, via CaseWare, send important documents and annual reports for signature with esignatur – with just a single mouse click. 

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