Our customers have already uploaded the majority of their relevant documents in digitised electronic form to TimePlan and wish to continue this electronic flow because it’s easy, secure and efficient. esignatur helps both us and our customers.

Ejner Dahl Jensen

Udviklingschef, TimePlan

TimePlan has integrated esignatur and digital signing

TimePlan keeps track of hours

TimePlan is a professional system aimed at the retail industry and is the largest player in the market for time registration, work time planning and HR administration. It is in the latter function that esignatur is a new partner.

The challenge: Save time and money

The challenge for TimePlan was to save time and money for their customers as well as to streamline the signing process for employment contracts. A shared difficulty for TimePlan’s customers, which include Ikea, Jysk and many more, was that HR departments were often decentralized and distant from the employees whose signatures they required.

esignatur was the solution

One example is Louis Nielsen, a chain of opticians which is headquartered in Aalborg and has 74 stores throughout Denmark. Before the implementation of esignatur in TimePlan’s systems, collecting signatures from all employees in writing was a laborious process taking several days to complete by regular post.

Satisfied TimePlan customers

When an employer hired a new employee, the contract had to be sent to the employee and head office by post, then signed and sent back to the employer and finally scanned and imported as a pdf file to TimePlan. That process is now over for TimePlan’s customers. In future, the employee simply has to sign online via a link and the employer and the head office will then be able to see that the contract has been signed.

Safe, easy and better service

Ejnar Dahl Jensen is very enthusiastic about the integration of esignatur in TimePlan’s system and says that time spent is now less than when the same documents were signed with a ballpoint pen.

And because it is done via NemID, the digital signature is legally just as binding as a regular signature with a pen. With esignatur, TimePlan’s customers now save both time and money, securely, while at the same time experiencing a better service.

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