We were looking for a trusted operator of a digital signing solution, and we expect a lot from our collaboration with esignatur.

René Løjmand

IT manager, Topdanmark

Topdanmark enhances the service/raises the service level offered to over 1 million customers

Digitise consent declarations

Topdanmark is Denmark’s second largest insurance company, covering over 1 million private customers, every other Danish agricultural enterprise and every sixth business in Denmark. Topdanmark’s mission is to provide attractive and state of the art products for their customers and to be a skilled player in a vibrant and dynamic market.

The challenge: Make it easier to sign

A general challenge in the insurance industry is to make insurance attractive and accessible: “Many people consider insurance and pensions to be boring, and in some cases unimportant, and they don’t really care to spend time on them. That is why it’s important for us to make it easier for our customers to sign important documents so that they do not miss out on insurance and pensions in the short or long term,” says René Løjmand, IT manager at Topdanmark.

esignatur streamlines the signing process

In future, Topdanmark will use esignatur to collect signatures on consent declarations, which today require a physical signature on a document.

With esignatur, Topdanmark achieve a streamlining of the signing process, which can be felt, for example, when Topdanmark receives a declaration of consent from a customer and it must then be distributed to the customer’s doctor, for example.

Create trust with your own logo and design

“Our most important task is to help the people who place their trust in us by letting us take care of their insurance or pension. That is why it was absolutely essential that the digital signing solution we chose is trustworthy and 100% secure,” explains René Løjmand, IT manager at Topdanmark.

This is the reason Topdanmark chose esignatur’s integrated solution via API. This means that Topdanmark has implemented their own design and logo on emails sent out via esignatur, as well as in the signing environment – where customers log in to sign with their NemID.

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